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Expectation vs Reality: Working in the Pastry department of a Parisian Palace


Let’s start by a quick statement: this article will not name the Parisian Palace where i did my internship. First of all because this post only describes my -one month- personal experience, so I can’t pretend giving a fully exhaustive view on what is like to work in « all » Parisian Palaces. Also, because their privacy policy on social networks is very strict (and yes I am coward so I don’t want any trouble). Lastly, because even if this experience was extremely « challenging » (love this diplomatic and so positive English/American word. No equivalent in French, we just say « f… hard ») I know that I have been -rather- decently treated. No Stockholm syndrom here, I know I have ;).

Therefore, considering what I am detailing below, I don’t want to give the false idea that « Parisian Palace X » is Hell on Earth. Because it was not. In the world of Parisian Palaces, I am convinced that everything that happens in Parisian Palace X was just normal. Welcome to Pastry Paradise.  Lire la suite « Expectation vs Reality: Working in the Pastry department of a Parisian Palace »